New Leadership at MI TU

New Leadership at Michigan TU

At the Fall Quarterly: Michigan TU (MITU) held on September 27, 2014 at the RAM Center, in Roscommon, the Board of Directors held elections for Officers and Leaders. The new Officers are:

ChairmanJohn Walters, Vice-Chairman Tom Quail, SecretaryPaul Meyer, Treasurer – Robb Smith (past Chairman), National Leadership CouncilDave Smith

John Walters thanked Robb Smith for his two years of leadership as Chairman of MITL with an “Appreciation of Outstanding Service” plaque and gift.

John delivered to MI’I’C -Board of Directors his plan and objectives for the next two years. He stated that MITU will be even stronger leaders in the Conservation community  throughout the State of Michigan. Conservation is the highest priority to TU and what our Mission Statement represents. To be more effective in all three aspects of conservation, he divided the Conservation Committee into three Sub-Committees: 1) Advocacy, 2) Government Affairs, and 3) Habitat Enhancement.

John then recommended the slate of Committee Chairmen to MITU -Board of Directors for approval. The following were approved.

Operations & Finance Ed Roden

Development Dave Waltz


Advocacy Jeff Jocks

Government Afairs Paul Rose

Habitat Enhancement -Mark Hendricks


Electronic Ron Peckens

Print / Advertising Dave Stellingworth, Education & Chapter Assistance David Smith david., Women’s Initiative Rachel Sang

If you are interested in serving on a committee(s), please contact John Walters or the Committee Chairman.