The Adams Chapter Archives




 Have you seen our chapter Charter?

   If you were here when the chapter was formed back in March of 1996, then you probably have seen the charter. But, if you are relatively new to the Adams Chapter you probably haven’t.

   In either case, thanks to directors Ken Gum and Norm Fred, who organized the information and digitized it so it could be put on our website, you can now view the charter along with old newsletters and other information from the founding of our chapter back in 1995.

   This is just part I of the archives as other information is still coming in and will be added in early 2015. It is all part of a project to pull together a history of the Adams Chapter which should be completed sometime in 2015.

   If you have any information that you think should be included in the archives please contact Director Norm Fred (  and let him know if you want to donate these items or if you want them back after we digitize them.

   You can find the first part of the Archives on our website under the “About” tab and under the “About the Adams Chapter” Tab or you can click on this link.  The Archives