Michigan TU Policy Statement on The Nestle Water Withdrawal Request

Michigan TU

Nestle Water Withdrawal Request

We want to update you on an issue in the news that concerns a recent water withdrawal request by Nestle at their White Pine Springs well No. 101 in Osceola Township, north of Evart

Their request asks the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for permission to increase allowed pumping from 150 to 400 gallons-per-minute. On face value this request has alarmed many in the conservation community. Digging deeper into this request, Dr. Bryan Burroughs, Executive Director of Michigan TU, has provided the following summary of this request.

Michigan TU staff is familiar with water withdrawal impacts on streams, the approach the state uses to assess a specific request and the history of the Nestle water withdrawal requests.

You may access the full Michigan TU analysis of this request at: www.michigantu.org/images/pdffiles/water_withdrawal/Nestle%20Withdrawal%20Info%2012-13-16.pdf