Adams Chapter TU Meeting With the MDNR Discuss Boardman River Fish Passage

“The leadership of The Adams Chapter of Trout Unlimited was invited to attend a meeting with The Michigan DNR and other stakeholders to discuss the topic of fish passage on The Boardman River.  Our chapter position has been that we are requesting The DNR to deny the upstream passage of any non-native species, including salmon and steelhead in order to allow the current wild trout populations to settle in to life without dams on The Boardman River.  We were very pleased that The DNR did commit to NOT passing any species above The Union Street dam until at least the Fishpass system can be tested and potentially implemented.  It’s expected that Fishpass will not be operational until at least 2025.  This gives us a number of years to make every effort to support a thriving wild trout population already in existence on The Boardman without competition from non-native anadromous fish including salmon and steelhead.  The DNR further committed to working with our group on future meetings to ensure our resources and efforts are maximized toward the effort of protecting and improving the wild trout population on The Boardman.  There’s a lot of work to do in the coming years and we want to thank all of you who have offered assistance in the past.  We hope to continue to have your support going forward.  The Boardman is a very unique fishery with it’s extremely cool water temperatures and a growing population of wild brook trout.  We look forward to working with The DNR and other groups to make sure it’s trout continue trending in the positive direction.”