History of The Adams Chapter TU





.     The Riverborne Angler, a fly shop adjacent to Mary’s Kitchen Port, opened its doors in the summer of 1994. During its first year of operation, many patrons mentioned the need to start a new TU chapter based in Traverse City, as a previous attempt years earlier had fizzled and faded away.

Due to this new surge of interest from concerned anglers, the first meeting of chapter founders was held at Riverborne Angler on October 19, 1995. Present at that meeting were thirteen individuals including local famed author, Jerry Dennis. Mr. Dennis suggested that we name the new organization the “Adams Chapter” due to the fact that the Adams fly, probably the most popular pattern in the world, was created in nearby Mayfield in the 1920s.

The actual origin of the Adams fly is still debated, but it is clear that Len Halladay of Mayfield tied the original fly for “Judge” Charles F. Adams, an attorney from Lorain, Ohio. Halladay suggested they call the fly the “Adams” as he had made the first good catch on it.

With help and encouragement from the Paul H. Young chapter, application for the new charter was made and approved by the State Council in November, 1995. The application was forwarded to the National Council and was approved by the National Board of Trustees of Trout Unlimited in February, 1996.

The Adams Chapter (#676) original charter was signed by 17 founding members on March 27, 1996. Interim officers and directors were elected pending the first formal meeting held the next month in the waiting room of Bay Eye Associates.

The Adams Chapter has now grown to well over 300 members and has contributed over $250,000 to stream restoration projects, educational programs, and has provided input and suggestions that have impacted our watershed, including the dam removal plan for the Boardman River.

Adams Chapter #676 Charter Signed on March 27, 1996

Adams Chapter #676 Charter Signed on March 27, 1996

Hundreds of volunteer members, including notable officers and directors, have dedicated countless hours of time and physical effort, not to mention financial and legislative support to make the Adams Chapter one of the most successful in the State of Michigan.

Our annual spring banquet generates thousands of dollars which go directly to improving the quality of our coldwater fisheries. The Bill Fernandez Memorial Children’s Fund has raised thousands of dollars to educate our young people as to the importance of conservation in our beautiful part of the world and everywhere.

If you are not a member of the Adams Chapter, please join now. Donate anything you can; money, time, resources etc. We appreciate your contributions and with the depth and range of our talented membership, the Adams Chapter will continue to grow and thrive.

Dr. Ken Gum

March, 2016