The Adams Fly – Our Namesake


 The Adams Fly


   The Adams Fly, tied in its many variations, is probably the most famous fly in history and found in fly boxes across the country and around the world. Invented by Leonard Halladay around 1922 and given to Mr. Adams to match insects he had seen along the Boardman River about 12 miles south of Traverse City, MI.

The photo below is a picture of an original Adams Fly on display in the Kingsley Library. The Fly was mounted on paper by George Wells, Ferris State Biology Professor, after being given to him in 1932 by the tyer. This was donated to the Kingsley Library for permanent display.

Original Adams Fly

    The Adams Fly was born along the banks of the Boardman River near Mayfield. What could be a better namesake for the Traverse City Chapter of Trout Unlimited, also born along the banks of the Boardman River.