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Officers & Directors for 2017         


Pic 2President:  Mike Sipkoski

I have been fly fishing in Northern Michigan for over 20 years.  Every day is an opportunity to learn something new about the natural world surrounding us and to protect cold waters – TU’s goal.  We forever altered the streams in Michigan a century ago and have to be accountable for preserving what has come back.  My background is in hospital administration and agriculture.  I am a 1993 graduate of the Michigan Academy of Fly Fishing as well as a prior one of the university in Ann Arbor.   I occasionally work at Streamside Orvis in Traverse City.


chad-brown-actuVice President: Chad Brown

I’ve been involved with Trout Unlmited previously as a member, Director and Banquet Chair of The Mason Griffith Chapter in Grayling.  I’m a passionate fly angler and have also built my real estate career around introducing anglers to riverfront property.  I’ve always felt an obligation to protect and improve the resources that make my career possible.  I’m also in a unique position to introduce new property owners to fly fishing and coldwater conservation. My goal is to ensure that as many people as possible fall in love with cold flowing water and that they actively support efforst to preserve and protect these unique resources.


Treasurer:  Agnes Jury
I am blessed to have moved to Traverse City with my family in 2015 and to have found a home right on the Boardman river. Even though I don’t fish, I enjoy many other activities on the river: kayaking, canoeing, swimming/floating, hikes and just looking at it.
We are all lucky that there are individuals who work hard to conserve, protect and restore our local coldwater resources and I’m happy to help how I can so that many more generations can enjoy the pleasures of river life.


Footbridge over the Two Hearted River

Footbridge over the Two Hearted River

Secretary: Frank Simkins…“I love fly-fishing, though it wasn’t until the early 70’s when I moved to Traverse City and fell in love with the Boardman River that I really got hooked on Trout. Since I am now retired, I plan on doing a lot of fishing and learning more about our rivers and the fish that I love so much. I like tying my own flies but I admit I am not that good at it. Fortunately, the trout don’t seem to mind.
I’m an amateur naturalist and like learning, writing, and teaching about nature. I also subscribe to the idea that if you really love something you will want to protect it which is one of the reasons I joined TU.
I enjoy working on the Chapter web site and will do my best to keep it both informative and up to date. If you have anything that you think should be included, or have any suggestions’, please send it to my e-mail address below.”    231-735-0894


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPast President: Nate Winkler

Nate Winkler…”My early childhood included fishing, swimming, and canoeing the rivers of northwest Lower Michigan.  As a result of this early influence of water on the move, I pursued and received a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from Lake Superior State University.  I was fortunate in being able to come home and work as a biologist on the rivers that nurtured me as a boy; currently I am a biologist for the Conservation Resource Alliance in Traverse City. My two children, Max and Brook join me in wasting entire afternoons looking at river rocks, poking around underwater with masks on to see how things look from that angle, and standing up in canoes to get a better view of the river.”



Steve Largent-Record Eagle (2)

Steve Largent




Gabe fishingGabe Schneider






Greg Miller
Greg Miller



Ken Gum with trout MTKen Gum






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John Jury




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