Michigan TU Policy Statement on The Nestle Water Withdrawal Request

Michigan TU

Nestle Water Withdrawal Request

We want to update you on an issue in the news that concerns a recent water withdrawal request by Nestle at their White Pine Springs well No. 101 in Osceola Township, north of Evart

Their request asks the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for permission to increase allowed pumping from 150 to 400 gallons-per-minute. On face value this request has alarmed many in the conservation community. Digging deeper into this request, Dr. Bryan Burroughs, Executive Director of Michigan TU, has provided the following summary of this request.

Michigan TU staff is familiar with water withdrawal impacts on streams, the approach the state uses to assess a specific request and the history of the Nestle water withdrawal requests.

You may access the full Michigan TU analysis of this request at: www.michigantu.org/images/pdffiles/water_withdrawal/Nestle%20Withdrawal%20Info%2012-13-16.pdf

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New Arctic Grayling Initiative Could Bring Historical Species Back to Michigan’s Waters

New Arctic grayling initiative could bring historical species back to Michigan’s waters

Michigan DNR June 9 2016

Michigan Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, has announced a proposed initiative that aims to bring back an extirpated species to the state – Arctic Grayling.

The proposed initiative, announced at today’s Natural Resources meeting in Gaylord, will seek to establish self-sustaining populations of Arctic grayling throughout its historical range. The initiative is aproposed objective in the DNR’s 2017 Inland Trout Management Plan, which currently is being drafted.

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Invasive New Zealand Mudsnails Detected in East Branch Au Sable River

Invasive New Zealand Mudsnails detected in east branch Au Sable River

Michigan DNR June 9, 2016

The DEQ and DNR recently received reports from Grand Valley State University confirming populations of invasive New Zealand Mudsnails in the east branch of the Au Sable River near Grayling Michigan.

New Zealand Mudsnails are considered an invasive species and are listed as a Prohibited Species in Michigan. These snails are only about 1/8 of an inch long and can be difficult to see. However, they often cluster in high densities and compete with native snails and other macroinvertebrates for food and space. Originally from New Zealand, the snails are now widespread in many western states and present in Wisconsin. They are easily transported and resilient, and can survive in damp environments for up to 26 days. Where established, these snails can dominate the bottoms of rivers and streams and exhibit invasive qualities, outcompeting and displacing macroinvertebrates that are vital as food sources for many fish species. In addition, these invasive snails have no nutritional value for fish.

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